Johnson and Johnson to Pay Out 2nd Ovarian Cancer Award for Talc in its Products

Johnson & Johnson Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits
Johnson & Johnson Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits

The famous Manufacture of Baby Powder and Shower to Shower, Johnson & Johnson lost another trial with a St. Louis jury, as they were recently hit with a thrashing $55 million verdict over a Talc baby powder lawsuit filed by a woman who claimed that she had developed ovarian cancer after long term use of J&J talc powder for feminine hygiene purposes. The jury came to a conclusion that Johnson & Johnson had been aware all along, that talc can actually cause dangerous health complications but failed to warn the general public. In February a Missouri jury granted $75 million to the family of a woman who eventually died from ovarian cancer, which was triggered by years of using J&J talc products.

The most recent baby powder cancer verdict was achieved after a three-week trial in a Missouri state court. The verdict handed down $50 million in punitive damages plus an additional $5 million for compensatory damages. This is the second time a jury has sided with the plaintiff against Johnson & Johnson, with almost 1,200 identical lawsuits which are still pending. All lawsuits come with the same accusations against J&J, failure to warn customers about its talc based baby powder items’ risk for ovarian cancer. The plaintiffs claim that even after J&J replaced talc with cornstarch powder in some of their products, the manufacturer continued to use talc powder among its famous Shower To Shower as well as Baby Powder. In addition, J&J strategically sold these talc-based baby powder products to the Hispanic and the African-American communities. As a response, Johnson & Johnson refused to admit that its talcum powder products posed a risk for ovarian cancer and insisted throughout the trial that the FDA hosted investigations in 1990s regarding the dangers of talc and therefore concluded that there was no concrete link between the use of baby powder and ovarian cancer.

A Johnson & Johnson spokesperson Carol Goodrich stated that the “jury’s conclusion contradicts 30 years of research and studies conducted by medical experts all over the world who continue to support safety of cosmetic talc” The next case of  baby powder ovarian cancer lawsuit is scheduled for a trial date in September, in a Missouri state court. If you or anyone you know were diagnosed with ovarian cancer following years of routinely using Johnson’s Shower to Shower or Johnson’s Baby Powder as part of your feminine hygiene routine, please Contact Us and provide any details along with contact information. If you prefer to leave a voicemail you can call 1.858.236.9020. can then forward these requests to our network of attorneys that may contact you if a Class Action Lawsuit is to be pursued.


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