TurboTax Intuit Accused of Violating Consumer Laws In New Jersey

Intuit Inc., maker of TurboTax software is facing a class action lawsuit. Two users of TurboTax software are accusing the company of attempting to avoid extra liability more than New Jersey law permits. The plaintiffs take issue with specific provisions in the TurboTax terms and conditions which according to them attempt to pardon Intuit of all possible liability. These complainants explain that with the said provisions, Intuit uncompromisingly confuses the effects of their disclaimers on New Jersey residents as well as abandons the duties they owe to customers. The TurboTax lawsuit highlights a section from the general terms and conditions posted on Intuit’s website and once honored by the court, this will give Intuit the all out protection from liability. The section informs all customers to use the TurboTax website at their own risk, trying to waive applications of any and all warranties, whether implied or expressed.

The complainants insist that the TurboTax terms and conditions violate New Jersey statutes, responsible for controlling what particular terms can or cannot be included in consumer contracts. They based their claims on the New Jersey Truth in Consumer Contract, Warranty and Notice Act (TCCWNA). TCCWNA was implemented to stop businesses from dodging way to many of their legal duties to customers. The TurboTax terms and conditions also deprive their customers of their legal rights under the New Jersey Products Liability Act, the State Uniform Commercial Code and the Punitive Damages Act. In addition, the TurboTax terms and conditions as well as a few of its limitations of liability can be banned by law in some other states. The plaintiffs argue that for New Jersey customers, TurboTax should clearly specify which provisions are valid or invalid, meaningless or inapplicable in the state of New Jersey. Plaintiffs Aaron and Fay Rubin want to be lead complainants representing a Class involving everyone in New Jersey who purchased services from TurboTax within the last six years.

Both plaintiffs are seeking compensation of no less than $100 for every violation of TCCWNA, as well as attorney’s fees and court costs for everyone included in the class action settlement. They are also asking for a court order to terminate the disputed section in the TurboTax user’s agreement, demanding TurboTax to remove such terms from its website and assume liability that does not violate the TCCWNA. If you or anyone you know have been associated with any TurboTax service within the past six years,. Please Contact Us and provide any details along with contact information. If you prefer to leave a voicemail you can call 1.858.236.9020. GetClassActionMoney.com can then forward these requests to our network of attorneys that may contact you if a Class Action Lawsuit is to be pursued. In addition make sure you Subscribe to our mailing list to receive important updates regarding class action news and open cases.