Imodium A-D and Overdosage FDA Releases Safety Announcement

Imodium A-D FDA Safety Warning
Imodium A-D FDA Safety Warning

The FDA recently release a safety announcement warning consumers that high doses of the antidiarrheal medicine loperamide(Imodium) or Imodium A-D can lead to serious heart problems that can lead to death. These heart problems include abnormal heart rate either rapid or irregular. When high doses of Loperamide are taken by itself or in combination with other over the counter medication it can cause issues with the heart rate. The majority of cases that have been reported are from those abusing the drug, and taking more than advised, the FDA is still continuing to evaluate the medication, and will still need to gather additional facts before deciding whether to take further action regarding this drug. Health care professionals have been made aware of the possible side effects of taking a higher than prescribed amount or taking it with other OTC medications that will react with it, and cause abnormal heart rhythm. The FDA has seen an increase in overdoses since 2010 from patients abusing their intake of this drug as a way to ease the withdrawal from opioids. Medical professionals are to advise patients not to take more then the recommended amount on the package and not to take any other OTC drugs while on Imodium A-D without first consulting the pharmacist. The following are sign that you have overdosed on Imodium A-D and should seek immediate medical attention

– Fainting

– Rapid heartbeat or irregular heart beat

– Unresponsive=person cannot be awaken or is not responding or reacting normally

The recommend does is 8mg a day for over the counter without any other OTC medications that can react with it or 16 mgs per day under doctors care and prescription.

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