J&J DePuy ASR, Pinnacle Hip Replacement Investigation


DePuy Orthopaedics Inc., a division of Johnson and Johnson is facing a huge number of lawsuits, being filed by patients who were injured by its hip replacement implants. The manufacturer recalled its DePuy ASR XL Acetabular metal-on-metal hip replacement system on August 2010 and announced on 2013 that it will discontinue its metal-on-metal components in the Pinnacle Cup system. DePuy designed the ASR and Pinnacle hip implants to sustain the active lifestyles of young patients by allowing a wider range of motion and more flexibility compared to other hip replacement devices. However, its metal-on-metal design caused bigger problems that lead to revision surgery and toxic complications such as metallosis. The key problem occurs as these metal components rub and grind against each other over time, microscopic metal particals are released into the blood stream.

Victims claim that they experienced swelling that causes difficulty and pain in walking, fracture of the bone, dislocation, infection, metal sensitivity, and component loosening just a few years after having the surgery. In 2005, the FDA granted Johnson and Johnson a special clearance to market the hip replacement devices manufactured by DePuy. The company however, failed to perform adequate clinical tests to ensure the safety of such products. After-surgery DePuy implant complications include breaking of the bone around the implant, dislocation of the implant and that the implanted device does not stay attached to the bone in the correct position thus considered overly defective. Although the 2010 DePuy Hip Replacement Recall has been initiated for some time, many experts acknowledge that the recall should have been instituted earlier.

Studies show that deadly and dangerous fragments can be left behind the patient’s body even if the defective implant has been replaced. Additional injuries reported by the victims are increased metal ion levels in the blood, tissue and muscle damage, bone staining, necrosis, swelling and nerve damage. In response to these complications, researchers started to look into the possibility whether metal exposure from hip replacements can lead to the development of other diseases such as cancers. Victims who have suffered injuries and complications after having a DePuy defective hip implant are encouraged to seek legal advice aside from immediate medical assistance so that they can receive financial compensation to help them recover not only with their medical expenses but also for the loss, pain and suffering they have gone through as well. Please, don’t hesitate to Contact Us and provide any details along with contact information. If you prefer to leave a voicemail you can call 1.858.236.9020. GetClassActionMoney.com can then forward these requests to our network of attorneys that may contact you if a Class Action Lawsuit is to be pursued.


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