Starbucks Under Filled Latte Class Action Lawsuit Set To Move Forward

The class action lawsuit filed against Starbucks for under filling its 12,16 & 20 ounce lattes is set to move forward. In 2009  Starbuck implemented a standard formula to make lattes with pitchers that had fill lines. Baristas were instructed to use the new pitchers to make lattes, these fill lines decreased each latte’s amount … Continued

Verizon Copper Lines Maintenance Fee Class Action Filed

Verizon Communications Inc. has been hit with a class action lawsuit for violating consumer protection laws for continuing to charge maintenance fees for its copper line telephone service, and not maintaining it.   For the past 4 years Verizon has been using the “fiber is the only fix” program to try and phase out the old … Continued

Wynn Resorts Class Action Filed for Invasion of Privacy

Wynn Resorts Holdings LLC and Wynn Las Vegas LLC are currently facing accusations of violating the California’s Invasion Of Privacy Act. A class action lawsuit has been filed for recording calls with confidential information without prior authorization of both parties. Under California State law this is an invasion of a consumer’s privacy and is stipulated … Continued

Saro Trading Recalls Children’s Cotton Nightgowns

The Saro Trading Company has recalled five styles of their children nightgowns for not  meeting  the USA’s Federal Flammability Standards. The 100% white cotton nightgowns have the label “Taleen” printed on the back neckline and the 5 styles vary in design, some have an embroidered neckline with eyelet trimming, ribbons on the chest, or buttons … Continued

Ikea Announces Voluntary Recall MALM Chests and Dressers

In July 2015 the Consumer Product Safety Commission along with Ikea made available free wall mounting repair kits for all MALM chests and dressers. This repair program came after reports of 2 deaths and 41 tip over incidences resulting in 19 injuries to children between the ages of 19 months and 10 years old. All … Continued

Quaker Oats False Advertising Lawsuit Filed

    Class action lawsuits have been filed in both California and New York against world famous Quaker Oats, a subsidiary of PepsiCo. The lawsuits allege that Quaker Oats is misleading the public by labeling their product as “100 percent Natural ” when the product does contain trace amounts of glyphosate a carcinogen. The lawsuits … Continued

Supermarket Chain Public Accused of Violating ADA

Supermarket Chain Publix is being accused of violating the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) by not allowing those with disabilities equal access to their facilities. The lawsuit claims that the parking area, walkways and bathrooms are not ADA compliant. The American With Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibits discrimination, so that those with disabilities have equal opportunity … Continued

Apple Id Terms Accused of violating New Jersey Law

   An Apple user from New Jersey is prosecuting Apple Inc. with allegations of violating the state of New Jersey’s consumer protection laws.  This suit claims that signing the terms of agreement, required to receive an Apple Id are a violation of New Jersey laws. New Jersey has established laws to protect consumers against waiving … Continued

TurboTax Intuit Accused of Violating Consumer Laws In New Jersey

Intuit Inc., maker of TurboTax software is facing a class action lawsuit. Two users of TurboTax software are accusing the company of attempting to avoid extra liability more than New Jersey law permits. The plaintiffs take issue with specific provisions in the TurboTax terms and conditions which according to them attempt to pardon Intuit of … Continued