Narco Freedom Accused of Medicaid Fraud

An alleged multimillion-dollar Medicaid fraud scheme in New York City has been exposed by a number of whistleblowers. A whistleblowers lawsuit has been filed against Narco Freedom Inc., a network of non-profit substance abuse treatment homes. Six former employee’s, have come forth claiming that the company engaged in a number of Medicaid fraud schemes. This … Continued

Judge finds Walmart in Violation of California Labor Laws

A San Francisco judge filed in favor of California Truck Drivers who have worked for Walmart since 2003. The case (Charles Ridgeway, et al. v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., et al., No. 08-5221, N.D. Calif.; 2015 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 94981). Class Complaint found Walmart in violation of California Labor Laws and may have to pay as … Continued

Sprouts Data Breach (Phishing Scam) Lawsuits Filed

Sprouts Farmers Market has been hit with two class action lawsuits for the data breach that occurred in March 2016. Two weeks after Sprouts employee’s personal information was released to a third unknown party employees were given a memo regarding the data breach. An email posed as coming from a Sprout executive known as a Phishing … Continued

CRST International Inc a US Trucking Company Class Action Filed

A pending Class Action Lawsuit has been filed in a California Court against CSRT International INC, CRST iNC and CRST Van Expedited Inc for violating California Wage and Labor laws, stemming from the unlawful deduction of wages in their Per Diem Program. All Qualifying Truck Drivers that work, or have worked for CRST have been … Continued

Uber TCPA Text Spaming Summary Judgement Denied

Recently, Uber filed a motion in court for the alleged TCPA violation, they are facing for sending spam through text messages. These messages were sent to all their past drivers, current drivers, and referral drivers. All of their current, past and prospective drivers claim even after they opted out of these messages they continued to … Continued

How to Report Governmental Fraud : Whistleblower (Qui Tam) Lawsuits

Anyone with adequate evidence of fraud committed against the government may benefit from the proceeds of an Investigation, this is known as qui tam lawsuit. This act is also known as “whistleblowing” and people not connected with the government who file actions against federal programs and their contractors claiming fraud against the government are informally … Continued

Disability Insurance Claims: Unum/UnumProvident Disability Insurance Claim Denial Lawsuit Investigation

Disability Insurance Claim Denied? The largest disability insurance company in the United States, Unum, is facing a huge number of lawsuits claiming that the company unfairly denies hundreds of thousands of legit insurance claims just to raise its profits through the roof. Claims were denied for the following reasons Pre-existing condition Condition not covered Procedure … Continued

California Labor Law Violation: Unpaid Overtime, Minimum Wage, Missed Breaks Investigation

Know your rights as an employee Lawsuits claiming violations from employers, especially large out of state corporations are on the rise in California. California has some of the strictest labor laws regarding employees and working conditions.Violations of the California labor code and employment labor laws including unpaid overtime, minimum wage and missed breaks are being … Continued

McDonald’s accused of Mismanaging 401k Plans

A McDonald’s legal claim examination is in progress as representatives of the worldwide fast food chain affirm the organization blundered 401k stores. McDonald’s administrators assert that the abuse of their ventures has dropped the estimation of their money related funds arrangements abandoning them in a defenseless retirement position. Class activity lawyers are right now investigating … Continued