Rushcard Class Action Filed In California

Another class action lawsuit has been filed against RushCard, MetaBank, Meta Financial Group Inc., Rush Communications of NYC Inc., Rush Communications LLS, UniRush LLC d/b/a UniRush Financial Services, this time in the state of California for defrauding customers. The case Calvin Smith v. UniRush LLC d/b/a UniRush Financial Services, et al., Case No. 2:16-cv-02533-SVW-E, in … Continued

Unfair Overdraft Banking Practices

Overdraft fees are considered a common way for most financial institutions to make revenue. In 2015 the top 3 big banks grossed over 6 billion in revenue from ATM/debit card overdraft fees.  Prior to 2010 most customers were enrolled in overdraft protection without their knowledge. With the rising use of ATM/debit cards the banking industry … Continued

  Twenty 1st Century Oncology Data Breach Investigation

                            Provider of cancer care services, 21st Century Oncology is currently under investigation for a rising number of class action lawsuits for allegations of Medicare related fraud and identity theft. On March 4, 2016 a data security breach was made public. The … Continued

Bank of Oklahoma linked to Excessive Overdraft Fees

Not only does it sound good, but also overdraft protection is an essential aspect of banking. Unfortunately, lots of customers suffer from too many overdraft fees from financial institutions such as Bank of Oklahoma. Reports reveal that overdraft fees exist as a rewarding and profitable business for banks and eventually cost consumers billions of dollars … Continued

Trustmark Class Action Lawsuit Overdraft Fees Has Settled

    Trustmark National Bank in Shelby County, Tennessee has been hit with a class action lawsuit alleging that the bank engaged in unlawful practices with consumer checking accounts during its assessment of overdraft fees. The lawsuit claims that Trustmark, located in Jackson, Mississippi, has been involved in these unjust practices with the attempt to increase … Continued

Flagstaff Home Loan Modification ordered to Payout

  Flagstar faces a loan modification lawsuit with allegations claiming that Flagstar engaged in an illegal practice referred to as “dual-tracking” by continuing to foreclose on a homeowner’s home, at the same time contemplating the homeowner’s application for a loan modification. Based on violations of home loan modification laws, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau has … Continued

Allianz Insurance Investigation

Lawsuits are being filed against Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America by senior customers (over 60 years of age), claiming that they have been sold postponed annuities with massive surrender charges. Victims claim that the insurance company failed to discuss important and accurate information while in the process of selling and marketing their delayed … Continued

Debit/Credit Card Receipt Investigation

Do you check your receipts after you have used your debit or credit card? Do you know your rights as a consumer? Thousands of people fall victim to identity theft and credit card fraud daily. Protecting yourself from fraud in todays technological advance world is something consumers should be vigilant about. To help consumers,  FACTA, … Continued

Credit Union Overdraft Fees Investigation

When you think of Credit Unions you think lower fee’s, well this is not always the case. Lower fees and better charges, now that sounds awesome! However, it has been reported that a handful of credit unions have increased the fees that they charge on ATM withdrawals, debit card balances and checks at a much … Continued

What are Common Types of Securities Fraud?

Partner Financial Inc. has supposedly drilled securities extortion. A securities legal claim examination has been propelled to examine the legitimacy of these cases. The charged offense was said to have happened between April 2014 and the present. What is Securities Fraud? Essential samples of securities are stocks, bonds, and notes. They are basically what budgetary … Continued