Quaker Oats False Advertising Lawsuit Filed

    Class action lawsuits have been filed in both California and New York against world famous Quaker Oats, a subsidiary of PepsiCo. The lawsuits allege that Quaker Oats is misleading the public by labeling their product as “100 percent Natural ” when the product does contain trace amounts of glyphosate a carcinogen. The lawsuits … Continued

Sprouts Data Breach (Phishing Scam) Lawsuits Filed

Sprouts Farmers Market has been hit with two class action lawsuits for the data breach that occurred in March 2016. Two weeks after Sprouts employee’s personal information was released to a third unknown party employees were given a memo regarding the data breach. An email posed as coming from a Sprout executive known as a Phishing … Continued

CRST International Inc a US Trucking Company Class Action Filed

A pending Class Action Lawsuit has been filed in a California Court against CSRT International INC, CRST iNC and CRST Van Expedited Inc for violating California Wage and Labor laws, stemming from the unlawful deduction of wages in their Per Diem Program. All Qualifying Truck Drivers that work, or have worked for CRST have been … Continued

Rushcard Class Action Filed In California

Another class action lawsuit has been filed against RushCard, MetaBank, Meta Financial Group Inc., Rush Communications of NYC Inc., Rush Communications LLS, UniRush LLC d/b/a UniRush Financial Services, this time in the state of California for defrauding customers. The case Calvin Smith v. UniRush LLC d/b/a UniRush Financial Services, et al., Case No. 2:16-cv-02533-SVW-E, in … Continued

Unfair Overdraft Banking Practices

Overdraft fees are considered a common way for most financial institutions to make revenue. In 2015 the top 3 big banks grossed over 6 billion in revenue from ATM/debit card overdraft fees.  Prior to 2010 most customers were enrolled in overdraft protection without their knowledge. With the rising use of ATM/debit cards the banking industry … Continued

Supermarket Chain Public Accused of Violating ADA

Supermarket Chain Publix is being accused of violating the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) by not allowing those with disabilities equal access to their facilities. The lawsuit claims that the parking area, walkways and bathrooms are not ADA compliant. The American With Disabilities Act of 1990 prohibits discrimination, so that those with disabilities have equal opportunity … Continued

Uber TCPA Text Spaming Summary Judgement Denied

Recently, Uber filed a motion in court for the alleged TCPA violation, they are facing for sending spam through text messages. These messages were sent to all their past drivers, current drivers, and referral drivers. All of their current, past and prospective drivers claim even after they opted out of these messages they continued to … Continued

Apple Id Terms Accused of violating New Jersey Law

   An Apple user from New Jersey is prosecuting Apple Inc. with allegations of violating the state of New Jersey’s consumer protection laws.  This suit claims that signing the terms of agreement, required to receive an Apple Id are a violation of New Jersey laws. New Jersey has established laws to protect consumers against waiving … Continued

TurboTax Intuit Accused of Violating Consumer Laws In New Jersey

Intuit Inc., maker of TurboTax software is facing a class action lawsuit. Two users of TurboTax software are accusing the company of attempting to avoid extra liability more than New Jersey law permits. The plaintiffs take issue with specific provisions in the TurboTax terms and conditions which according to them attempt to pardon Intuit of … Continued

  Twenty 1st Century Oncology Data Breach Investigation

                            Provider of cancer care services, 21st Century Oncology is currently under investigation for a rising number of class action lawsuits for allegations of Medicare related fraud and identity theft. On March 4, 2016 a data security breach was made public. The … Continued