Cook IVC Filter Class Allegations of Defective Design Investigation

Cook Medical has been hit with more litigation over the Inferior Vena Cava Filter (IVC Filter),. The lawsuit claims failing to warn, a design defect, negligence, breach of express and implied warranties and punitive damages. The IVC filter is a small cage like device that is placed in the inferior vena cava, to break up blood clots so that they do not make their way to the heart or brain. A Pulmonary embolisms, occurs when there is a blockage in a person’s arteries.

According to the adverse event report put out by The Food and Drug Administration hundreds of patients, in the past 10 years have suffered from the adverse side effects including punctured organs and filter migrations, of the implanted IVC filters.

IVC Lawsuits through out the US are claiming that the device is not worth the risk and maybe more harmful then the actual blood clots they are implanted to prevent. The lawsuit also claims that Cook Medical should take responsibility for their actions and inactions. The lawsuits allege that Cook Medical was aware of the defective design of the Gunther Tulip IVC filter and continued to market and sell the product with full knowledge of the products defect, placing profits over human safety. If you or anyone you know has had an adverse response to an IVC filter   please Contact Us and provide any details along with contact information. If you prefer to leave a voicemail you can call 1.858.236.9020. can then forward these requests to our network of attorneys that may contact you if a Class Action Lawsuit is to be pursued. In addition make sure you Subscribe to our mailing list to receive important updates regarding class action news and open cases.