Abilify Gambling Addiction & Compulsive Behavior Investigation

                          A growing number of Abilify Lawsuits are being filed by patients who have suffered compulsive behaviors after taking Abilify. Uncontrollable gambling has been associated with the antipsychotic drug Abilify (aripiprazole), a drug used to cure mental illnesses such as manic depression, autism, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. In November 2002, Abilify was approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and is manufactured by Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. Victims are accusing the manufacturer of producing and selling a defective medication as well as misrepresenting the effectiveness and safety of Abilify.

Results of a case study by Current Drug Safety revealed that not one of the patients had a history of obsessive or compulsive gambling habits. In addition, their gambling addictions came to an end the moment they stopped taking the drug Abilify. Abilify works as a stimulant in the brain as it functions on the exact cranial nerves that are provoked by dopamine. In other words, Abilify excites and stimulates the pleasure centers of the human brain which leads to habitual behaviors by patients under the medication. Aside from compulsive gambling, other reported side effects may include hypersexual behavior as well as excessive shopping or eating. In serious cases, victims have incurred thousands of dollars in gambling debt while under Abilify medication. Even though Abilify’s label warns about possible side effects related to an increased risk of death with elderly dementia patients as well as suicidal thoughts, the manufacturer still compromised the safety of the general public since the drug’s label fail to include warnings regarding possible side effects linked to compulsive behaviors such as gambling.

Symptoms indicating that a person may have a problem with compulsive gambling may include:

  • Stealing or borrowing money to gamble
  • Failed efforts to cut back on gambling
  • Lying or concealing that they are gambling
  • Remorse or feeling guilt after gambling
  • Gambling as a way to escape problems or feelings of helplessness, depression or guilt
  • Taking time from work or family life to gamble
  • Preoccupation with gambling
  • Reliving past gambling experiences
  • Gaining a thrill from taking big gambling risks
  • Progressively making bigger gambling risks

Abilify continues to be prescribed to patients all over the country, and has not been recalled despite being associated with serious side effects such as type 2 diabetes and compulsive gambling behavior. If you or anyone you know has suffered legal consequences, family problems or financial loss as a result of compulsive gambling while being prescribed and taking Abilify. Please Contact Us and provide any details along with contact information. If you prefer to leave a voicemail you can call 1.858.236.9020. GetClassActionMoney.com can then forward these requests to our network of attorneys that may contact you if a Class Action Lawsuit is to be pursued. In addition make sure you Subscribe to our mailing list to receive important updates regarding class action news and open cases.